Gotts Court Parking Facility

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Recently featured: The Gotts Court Surface Parking Lot, Annapolis, MD complteted by Avon Corporation in 2010.

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The project was recently awarded First place as the Best Ultra-Urban BMP,  for Stormwater practices built in infill or redevelopment projects in urban areas with more than 75% site impervious cover.

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Avon Corporation converted existing asphalt parking lot to environmentally friendly green parking lot at visitor center for City of Annapolis. This parking lot serves as a welcoming element for approaching visitors. Entire parking lot has constructed from permeable brick pavers, thus storm water has been filtered through the pavers sub base and directed through rain gardens prior to becoming discharged to the storm drain system. The other elements of the project are concrete retaining walls, recycled glass pavers, curved concrete, granite & reclaimed cobble curbs.

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