Way Back Wednesday- Swansen Apartments

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Its a Way Back Wednesday! Avon takes a look back into our project history and featuring a more detailed look into one of our completed projects.

This Way Back Wednesday Avon Corporation continues its tour of work in Arlington as we move just down the road from the James Hunter Park project to a private repair project preformed for Swansen Apartments, LLC.

The Swansen Apartments involved extensive repairs to shore up & stabilize the back side of the apartment building, which was heavily damaged after an earth support system, on an adjacent construction site, collapsed. The entire 3 attached buildings, with 27 apartments, were evacuated until the work was completed. Working with a team of Structural Engineers, Geo-technical Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, we completely removed & rebuilt the end wall of the building, including a concrete footing supported by helical piers. The new end wall included matching brick, brick re-pointing, brick patching, matching block, new concrete basement floor, wood framing, new electrical, new baseboard heat, new wood floors, new ceramic tile, new drywall & paint. The existing windows were re-used. The Owner also decided to take advantage of the evacuated apartments, to do some major enhancements to the older apartments, including completely new kitchens, refinishing all the floors, drywall crack repairs, all new paint, door hardware, ceramic tile repairs, new plumbing fixtures & AC Units.

The exterior site required repairs, as well, including a concrete retaining wall at one end of the parking lot, replacement of an existing concrete drain inlet and pipe, drainage along the end of the parking lot, completely new asphalt parking lot, concrete sidewalks, pervious concrete pavers, with a Bio-retention area below them and landscaping.


During- Masonry set up          U-Bolt-2 

DSCN6619                        DSCN6582 DSCN6588


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